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​Trying to get work done while another employee is behaving in a sexually suggestive manner, displaying inappropriate images, or making unwanted comments about you physically should not be tolerated. If you have already reported the behavior to your company’s HR staff and they’ve taken ineffective or no action, the circumstance is even more serious, and we can help.

Whether it was a single inappropriate gesture made by one employee or multiple actions or comments made by one or more staff members, RCM Legal will get you the protection and reparation you need. Read below to learn more about the approach of our hostile work environment attorneys in Glendale, CA, and how we can create a winning case for you.

Collection of Documentation

No matter the nature of a workplace violation, HR departments are required to uphold contract agreements and document all disciplinary actions carried out with employees. We submit requests to your employer for copies of all relevant documentation to generate the complaint and ensure crucial details are not left out.  

Building the Case

We consult closely with you and within California’s state laws to build a rock-solid claim that positions your case to win. By assessing all documentation related to your workplace harassment or hostile experiences, we generate documentation identifying where the defendant failed to uphold requirements. If you had already previously filed complaints with your organization’s HR department and they neglected to resolve the situation, we have an even stronger case for your restitution.  

Continual Support

Legal battles are resource-intensive, and when a lawsuit involves your workplace and peace of mind, it can feel overwhelming. Our hostile work environment attorneys in Glendale, CA, are not only familiar with how to approach personal matters sensitively, they will present your case at trial with utmost professionalism and decorum.  

Fighting for Settlement

As trial commences, claims are made, and witnesses deposed, our team’s commitment to excellence drives our success.. We push for the maximum amount of emotional, personal, monetary, and professional restoration possible. After years in the legal field, we’re proud to say we have a high rate of won cases, which continues to rise year after year.  

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