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Have you recently been using a product that suddenly or unexpectedly caused you injury or became defective? Have you suffered injury from a medical device or product? You’ve come to the right place. Our product liability lawyers in Glendale, CA, understand what it takes to win cases in trial. From the moment we choose to accept your case to the jury’s verdict, we will fight on your behalf through the entire legal process. To learn more about what our expertise entails and how we’ll work alongside you, check out the information below. 

Establishing the Link Between User and Product

We will always be honest with you about the details and facts of your situation, but you can rest assured it’s always our aim to win your case. After the acceptance of your case, we will sit down with you to discuss our approach and collect any information needed from you to build an argument that’s ready to win in trial. 

The first step our product liability attorneys take is establishing liability—gathering information about the link between your use of the defective product and your injuries that resulted. As we compile information about the nature of your injury, the product’s design, company of origin, and the regulations surrounding the product’s liability, we formulate our theory of the case.. 

Initiation of Dialogue

The second step of our product liability services is opening a dialogue with the seller and manufacturer of the defective product. We will also prepare a complaint, which details the facts of the liability accident and is our legal argument for the defendant’s responsibility in the matter.  

Negotiation of Settlement

We work closely with you to ensure that the facts and details of your case are presented in the most accurate light. Skilled litigators understand that successful cases are built off of the anticipation of the opposition’s points and responding with well-researched counterclaims. RCM Legal’s product liability lawyers are thoroughly experienced and familiar with how to ethically yet authoritatively argue a case so that the maximum level of restitution, financial and otherwise, is achieved.  

Mitigation of Future Injury Risk

After the conclusion of trial, our teams work to mitigate future risk of similar damages from the same product. We can speak with friends, family, and other parties who have used or are currently using the same product experiencing defect to offer legal protection.  

Our staff keeps up-to-date with all California statutes on a regular basis in order to bring our clients the finest and most accurate plaintiff services in the state. If you’d like to speak with one of our associates about a claim, please contact us for a completely free consultation. We look forward to talking with you! 

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