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Have you recently been fired from your job for suspicious or ambiguous reasons? Have you been fired after making complaints about the workplace or your company’s wrongful business practices? You may have been unlawfully terminated. As experienced professionals who are deeply familiar with employment laws and regulations, and, we have the skills and acumen necessary to recover your damages and make your situation right. Below we’ve compiled information about the steps our wrongful termination attorneys in Glendale, CA, take to build a winning case for you.  

Case Evaluation 

Unless your employer required you to sign a contract as a stipulation of employment, chances are your employment is “at-will.” This means that both you and your employer are allowed to terminate the working relationship between the two parties for any or no reason, and without notice. However, that does not mean your employer is allowed to terminate you for an illegal reason.

Unlawful reasons for termination include firing in spite of legally protected statuses, firing as a result of sexual harassment complaints, firing due to reporting unlawful conduct in the workplace,, or firing in violation of any other applicable law.  

To evaluate your case, our wrongful termination attorneys in Glendale, CA, will consult with you about the nature of your termination, your workplace conduct, and your relationships with supervisors. At RCM Legal, we always put our clients first and focus on how we can help you succeed, no matter the scenario you’re faced with.

Collection of Documentation 

In order to establish strong grounds on which to build your case, our teams will request copies of your employer’s handbook, company procedures, and other relevant documentation. This also includes your employee file—not only to corroborate your case, but also to highlight additional discrepancies exhibited by your employer, if available.  

If your employment was not at-will, we’ll thoroughly review your employment contract to evaluate its provisions and clauses. If the contract explicitly states reasons for which you can be fired, any reason not documented is considered a breach of contract and will be included in the complaint.  

Recovery of Damages

We understand that the loss of your job causes the loss of income, emotional distress, and loss of benefits, to name only a few issues. If your case is brought to trial, our wrongful termination attorneys work steadfastly to recover all losses and remediate damages. Being unemployed for unlawful reasons causes immense personal stress, and we will fight on your behalf to achieve justice and restore normalcy in your world.  

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